When trying to do a step forward it’s good to know where you’re currently standing: open source maturity models can help you identifying in which state your used open source projects are. But often these methodologies are fairly complex (so hard to apply) and focus on an individual projects rather than on the open source adoption phase of your organization.

Hence we’re trying to use a more lightweight open source maturity adoption model based on the Eclipse Foundations view when classifying actions taken:

Maturity Model

As for Baloise we’re currently just in the state of getting significant business attention.



Open source has no value or we’re not using it.


Passive use of FLOSS.


Contribute code and / or resources (such as feedback, documentation, …).


Executive support, project leadership: your project itself is widely in the state of ‘use’ by others.

strategic investment

Defined business model based on FLOSS, and drive projects to achieve business goals.

Design products so that they can be based on FLOSS, obtain competitive advantage by harnessing changes in multiple ecosystems.