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Hint: you do not necessarily have to use and thereby easily publish your work-eMail for this registration step.

But: to correctly differentiate the individual and corporate intellectual property please make sure to

1. use your work-eMail within commits

and sign-offs that are performed within work hours and the corporate context.

Hint: You can easily use multiple eMail-Identities within a single Github Account.

2. keep your records up-to-date

as it can in some circumstance be “important” (e.g. when re-licensing content) being able to reach you

3. avoid being too anonymous by using pseudonyms

if a project e.g. might get handed over to other legal entities at some point in the future, it’s important (as in some cases impossible if not given) being able to differentiate who’s participated within a project.

This is currently a manual process so it might take a moment to get a response.

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