All major activies are currently happening here on Github.

be(come) a member

sign up for a free account at Github

Hint: you do not necessarily have to use and thereby easily publish your work-eMail for this registration step.

This is currently a manual process so it might take a moment to get a response.

think about adjusting your notification settings

if interested: make your membership public on our team page


choose a project and start working

With respect to our general governance guidelines and hints.

in the beginning we recommend working with pull requests

(own) a project

The level of ownership in open-source projects and communities is often based on meritocratic principles.

define specific code-owners

# default
* @baloise/open-source



source code

by default (and if not decided otherwise) we use MIT for new development projects.

other work

by default (and if not decided otherwise) we use CC BY 4.0 for other non-development related projects and work (e.g. plain license TXT)

(our) templates


define topics

Add topics to categorize your repository and make it more discoverable.